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2018 Franc Fizz

wild yeast.
bottle conditioned.

2018 Maryland-grown Cabernet Franc fermented and aged in stainless steel. A few weeks ago, we had a wild idea: let's blend in 10% fresh 2019 Marquette juice. Within a few days the juice was spontaneously fermenting and the wine was hand bottled under crown-cap to capture natural effervescence. The result? A bright & juicy blend, full of life, uncomplicated, and marked by soft tannins, fresh bubbles and brambly fruit.

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2019 Orange Pét-Nat Piquette

Our goal is to create a wine that's juicy and refreshing… Spritzy + lower in alcohol. Thirst quenching + sessionable. So we looked to our friends and to history for inspiration. The results are even more delicious than we could have imagined.... So what is this magical nectar? Well, it's an all-but-forgotten beverage called PIQUETTE. Made from nothing more than freshly pressed Pinot Gris + Albariño grapes, fresh water & verjus. Enjoy.
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2019 Pét-Nat Chardonnay

This natural style of sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay grown in our Home Vineyard in Westminster MD. Pét-nats are made by bottling still-fermenting wine under cap and allowing fermentation to finish in the bottle. Beyond the fact that it’s downright delicious, pét-nat doesn’t have any additives, there’s no blending, and the all-natural process is a direct reflection of the vineyard and the vintage. Once the still-fermenting juice is bottled, you don’t taste it again until it’s in your glass. This makes it a little unpredictable, and that spontaneity is one reason why it’s so popular.
This wine offers a dazzling and vivid expression of Chardonnay - high acidity, apricots and limes, distinctive texture and a refreshing stream of lively bubbles!
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2017 Col Fondo

In keeping with our love of putting local spins on classic European traditions – and our love of bubbles – we're making col fondo this spring.
That’s right. Col fondo!  
Col fondo is the O.G. of Prosecco. It’s the traditional, rustic sparkling wine made by Italian farmers for centuries prior to the tank method. And we think it’s prime for a renaissance.
Something magical happens when history and tradition merge with locality and innovation. Like pét nat. And now, like col fondo.
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2019 Shadowboxin

"Anyone who doubts that America is, indeed, great again need look no further than a fizzy Albariño made outside Baltimore." - Jon Bonné, PUNCH Magazine
2018 Sparkling Albariño.
Vibrant, fresh, perfectly prickly.
Made in collaboration with our good friends, Pét Nat Posse (Chicoago, IL). 
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2018 Pét-Nat Muscat

Valvin Muscat grown on our Home Vineyard
Fermented in stainless steel with native yeast
Bottled under crown cap without fining or filtration
Aromas and flavors of white peach, apricot and lilies
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