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Saint Vincent Festival Bundle

Every winter we put a Maryland spin on an ancient Burgundian tradition. In January folks travel to Burgundy, France to celebrate Saint Vincent, the patron saint of wine. Attendees tour the hosting village decorated with a kaleidoscope of paper mache flowers and local winegrowers open their cellars for wine tasting and barrel sampling! Read about the time Drew & Casey attended the Saint Vincent Festival in the town of Vougeot HERE.

This year, our 4th Annual Saint Vincent Festival is coming to your home! Our winemaker, Lisa Hinton, has pulled three special red wines from the barrel, hand bottled and finished them with a crown cap. You can enjoy the spirit of the 2021 Saint Vincent Festival by getting this bundle of barrel samples and tasting along with Drew and Lisa from the cellar virtually!

The Saint Vincent Festival bundle includes barrel samples of single vineyard 2018 Cabernet Franc, 2019 Syrah and 2020 Blaufränkisch. 

Free home delivery on every bundle! We look forward to celebrating Saint Vincent with you in a new way this year! 

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Take Me Home

color: fizzy florescent fushia pink⠀
aroma: red licorice + brown sugar ⠀
palate: citrus zest + sweet vanilla ⠀
pairing: starry nights and bonfires⠀
aging: drink now⠀
 a blend of 60% barrel aged heirloom cider + 40% chambourcin | wild yeast fermentation | lightly sparkling |  Heirloom Cider from the Brother's Family Farm. 
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2019 Pét-Nat Chardonnay

color: medium straw with fine bubbles⠀
aroma: ripe rainier cherry, ripe yellow pears, guava, warm buttered croissant  ⠀
palate: Bubblegum, lemon curd, lemon peel, pineapple core⠀
pairing: creamy mushroom soup⠀
aging: Best now - 1 ⠀
This natural style of sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay grown in our Home Vineyard in Westminster MD. Pét-nats are made by bottling still-fermenting wine under cap and allowing fermentation to finish in the bottle. Beyond the fact that it’s downright delicious, pét-nat doesn’t have any additives, there’s no blending, and the all-natural process is a direct reflection of the vineyard and the vintage. Once the still-fermenting juice is bottled, you don’t taste it again until it’s in your glass. This makes it a little unpredictable, and that spontaneity is one reason why it’s so popular.⠀
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2019 Pét-Nat Field Blend Piquette

color: cotton candy dark pink ⠀
aroma: cranberries, strawberry vinaigrette, tart cherry ⠀
palate: rhubarb pie, fruit loops, soft bubbles ⠀
pairing: summer arugula salad ⠀
aging: drink now⠀
Our goal is to create a wine that's juicy and refreshing… Spritzy + lower in alcohol. Thirst quenching + sessionable. So we looked to our friends and to history for inspiration. The results are even more delicious than we could have imagined.... So what is this magical nectar? Well, it's an all-but-forgotten beverage called PIQUETTE.
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2018 Pét-Nat Ramato

color: lightly hazy light orange⠀
aroma: Damp forest floor, hazelnut, damp white button mushroom, lemon juice, ⠀
palate: Autumn folliage, cheese rind, mushrooms⠀
pairing: Caramelized mushroom polenta with pork chops and apple chutney⠀
aging: 2020 - 2021⠀
2018 Pinot Gris (Libertas) on skins for 4 days - fermented with native yeast in stainless steel.  Bottled under crown cap without fining or filtration
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